Criminal Law


The attorneys and staff at Edwards Law Office have dealt with many clients over the years that have been charged with varying criminal matters.

Theses cases include assault and battery, driving under the influence of alcohol and or drugs, drug cases, varying motor vehicle charges and other criminal matters such as domestic abuse. Some of these matters can be resolved with a Hearing before a Clerk Magistrate and others with a trial before a judge or with a jury. Negotiated pleas are sometimes the best resolution to a criminal charge.

You should never enter a plea without the assistance of an attorney. In that regard you should never go to court on a criminal matter without the assistance of an attorney. Never speak to the police concerning your possible involvement in a criminal matter without an attorney present.

Any Criminal charge should be considered serious and not taken lightly. Your conviction record could stay with you for a lifetime.

The attorneys at Edwards Law Office have the experience and knowledge to help you. There isn’t any fee unless you retain an attorney to represent you.

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